Facing the Fear of Ziplining at Hawk’s Nest in Seven Devils, NC

I was a pole vaulter in college, so my sky diver wife Dagmar didn’t expect me to experience an attack of fear when ziplining for the first time in 2018. The initial zip was only 200 feet long, but it ended on a rickety platform that was 100 feet in the air. Despite being tethered by a safety strap to the central post, the lack of a comfy foam landing pit below triggered childhood memories of standing at the edge of a scary precipice overlook in Canyon de Chelly, AZ. …

Do you carry a Green Benjamin in your wallet?

The executive director of a non-profit sought me out for coaching assistance in dealing with chronic left shoulder pain of more than 3 months duration. She had heard me give a talk where I said that frozen shoulder could be related to repressed anger and thought that might be at the root of her pain. Her responsibility for raising several million dollars to fund an unexpected move to a new building felt like an overwhelming burden. The resentment was even coming out in anger dreams about internal conflicts on her board.

We did EFT tapping on her scarcity beliefs combined…

A rosary gift from Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Durham, NC

I was raised a Presbyterian and born again twice through Young Life in high school and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in college, but it didn’t stick either time. Now I find myself in the unusual position of having been introduced to praying the rosary by a Buddhist scholar named Clark Strand, co-author of the Way of the Rose. My earliest association with the Catholic church in this lifetime is hearing grade school friends describe being rapped with rulers by nuns at Blessed Sacrament in Natrona Heights, PA.

My interest in the rosary began in June 2020 when I was…

Marian Apparitions and Prophecies: Past, Present and Future

Blessed Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Durham, NC

On January 8, 2007, my friend Christopher Bledsoe, Sr., had a most unusual encounter with the Divine Feminine in the form of three angels who healed him of longstanding Crohn’s disease. His otherworldly UFO experience is well documented in The Fayetteville Incident, a 2008 Discovery Channel TV show featuring interviews by a team of MUFON investigators. His extraterrestrial visitations are ongoing, and in 2012 the angels brought him to meet the White Lady, an ET version of the Blessed Mother.

As a former airline pilot, contracting company owner, evangelical Christian, and fearless…

Pandemic Dream Imagery. Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

In early April 2020, I dreamed that I am driving through a blacked out city feeling panicky because the headlights on the car won’t work. I go into an abandoned warehouse and fight hand to hand combat with two zombie women. They are being controlled by a 5G transmitter up in the rafters, and I have to climb up there to deactivate the signal and defeat them. I don’t ever recall having a zombie dream previously despite having grown up in Pittsburgh where they filmed the Night of the Living Dead in a mall.

A few days later I discovered…

Warning Sign on 5G Antenna Transmitter Tower

In my previous 5G blogs I highlighted major issues regarding the scientific evidence of health hazards, industry influence on captured agencies like the FCC, and the inability of the telecom companies to get insurance for their wireless installations; Stay Healthy in a 5G World: Heal Your House, Heal Your Body and Thank You for Cell Phoning: 5G is Safe … or Not? Citizens around the world have concluded that 5G is not safe and are taking action at the city, state and country levels.

In the United States, a landmark 5G lawsuit brought against the FCC by the Environmental Health…

Scott Atlas: A Radiologist Rides to the Rescue!

HUP MR Alumni Symposium 1991, Author 2nd row left corner, Scott Atlas bottom right corner

In 1986, Scott and I were hotshot radiology fellows at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP), the biggest rodeo in the early Wild, Wild West days of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). We were the “young guns” of this revolutionary technology, me in musculoskeletal radiology and Scott in neuroradiology. We came out firing, and the old entrenched ways of diagnosis soon dropped dead in their tracks to be buried six feet under.

I published some of the early research papers on MRI of the knee and shoulder and went on to…

The Second President of the Apocalypse: A Jungian Perspective

In December 2019 I wrote a blog in archetypal terms describing why Donald Trump is the First President of the Apocalypse, although I make no claims at being a Jungian analyst. However, I think the past three plus years have proven that he is indeed a trickster, paradoxical, shadow and apocalyptic political figure. My conclusion at that time was that he was setting the stage for the emergence of a powerful woman president in the future.

My dark horse candidate for that role was Tulsi Gabbard whose claims to fame were…

Stay Healthy in a 5G World: Heal Your House, Heal Your Body

Are you worried about the impact of 5G on your family’s health? There is good reason to be, as the linked Scientific American article highlights that the health effects from wireless radiation include cancer risk, cellular stress, harmful free radicals, genetic damage, changes of the reproductive system, learning deficits, neurological disorders and many other symptoms.

Did you know that the telecom industry has done no safety studies on 5G? Telecom executives admitted in Senate hearings that there are no studies proving that 5G is safe and none are…

Healing Lower Chakra Shadow Issues in Physical Illnesses

Chakra Energy Centers of the Body

At the mind-body-spirit conferences I attend everyone is usually most interested in exploring the spiritual qualities associated with the energy centers of the upper chakras. The 5th throat chakra is about speaking your truth. The 6th third eye chakra is about intuition. The 7th crown chakra is about divine connection. No wonder all the metaphysically-oriented seekers want to hang out in that part of the body’s energy field!

However, as Margaret Lynch Raniere, one of my favorite EFT teachers, emphasized in her Ignite Your Power Course, most of the healing action happens…

Larry Burk, MD, CEHP

Holistic radiologist, Certified Energy Health Practitioner, author of Dreams that Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases

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