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All Around Us … the Noosphere: Teilhard’s Omega Point

Teilhard’s concept of the Noosphere foreshadowed the Internet Photo from Human Energy

French paleontologist/Jesuit priest/censored mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s vision of The Future of Man is expressed in this quote from his book in Chapter 7: A Great Event Foreshadowed: The Planetization of Mankind. “All Around Us, tangibly and materially, the thinking envelope of the Earth — the Noosphere — is multiplying its internal fibers and tightening its network; and simultaneously its internal temperature is rising, and with this its psychic potential.”

Teilhard’s description of the Noosphere is often considered to be a foreshadowing of the Internet which links quadrillions of human neurons around the Earth to create a sort of planetary consciousness. In fact, for the past 2 decades, the Global Consciousness Project has gathered volumes of data from random number generators worldwide demonstrating statistically significant deviations from chance in response to major news events that impact billions of people around the globe.

He often expressed his mystical visions using the metaphor of fire as in my prior Someday … Fire and Truth … Ablaze blogs. “The idea, the hope of the planetization of life is very much more than a mere matter of biological speculation … It is this idea which can and must bring us the spiritual fire without which all material fires, so laboriously lighted, will presently die down on the surface of the thinking earth: The fire inspiring us with the joy of action and the zest for life.”

His zest for life had a profound influence on one of the leaders of the human potential movement, Jean Houston, who met Teilhard as a young teenager in New York City in a most serendipitous fashion as described in her 2014 Facebook post: One day I ran into a rather frail old gentleman in his seventies and knocked the wind out of him. He laughed as I helped him to his feet and asked me in French-accented speech, “Are you planning to run like that for the rest of your life?”

“Think of your own metamorphosis.” he suggested. “What will you be when you become a butterfly, une papillon, eh? What is the butterfly of Jeanne?” His long, gothic, comic-tragic face would nod with wonder. “Eh, Jeanne, look at the clouds! God’s calligraphy in the sky! All that transforming, moving, changing, dissolving, becoming. Jeanne, become a cloud and become all the forms that ever were.” She heard him introduce himself as “Mr. Tayer” and continued to meet with him for the next 3 years.

“He looked at you with wonder and astonishment joined to unconditional love joined to a whimsical regarding of you as the cluttered house that hides the holy one. Mr. Tayer was so full of vital sap and juice that he seemed to flow with everything. Always he saw the interconnections between things — the way that everything in the universe, from fox terriers to tree bark to somebody’s red hat to the mind of God, was related to everything else and was very, very good.”

“The last time that I ever saw him was the Thursday before Easter Sunday, 1955. I brought him the shell of a snail. ‘Ah. Escargot.’ he exclaimed and then proceeded to wax ecstatic for the better part of an hour. Snail shells, and galaxies, and the convolutions in the brain, the whorl of flowers and the meanderings of rivers were taken up into a great hymn to the spiraling evolution of spirit and matter.” He left her that last time with the parting words: “Omega …omega. . .omega.”

Years later someone handed her The Phenomenon of Man without a cover which she read without recognizing the author. “As I read the book I found it strangely familiar in its concepts. Occasional words and expressions loomed up as echoes from my past. When, later in the book, I came across the concept of the ‘Omega Point.’ I was certain. I asked to see the jacket of the book, looked at the author’s picture, and, of course, recognized him immediately.” Mr. Tayer was Mr. Teilhard!

In his futuristic vision, the Omega Point is the ultimate convergence of evolution as expressed in his essay How I Believe in 1934:

I believe the universe is an evolution;
I believe evolution proceeds towards spirit;
I believe spirit, in human beings, completes itself in the personal;
I believe the supreme personal is the Universal Christ.

Teilhard’s beliefs were expanded upon by futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard, considered the godmother of transhumanism: “From the perspective of the Evolutionary Trans-humanism we see a possible convergence of our expanded consciousness with our technologically-enhanced body/minds . . . as the next stage of our evolution” when “there will be a cosmic cultural convergence of life between trans-human and eventually post-human life,” including “silicon-based life.”

The term trans-humanizing was actually first introduced by Teilhard in 1949 followed by his friend Julian Huxley’s use of the word transhumanism in 1957. Julian, the brother of dystopian author Aldous Huxley, was also the President of the British Eugenics Society. Unfortunately, Teilhard was documented to have written favorably about eugenics as well, using racist language that was popular in the Western World prior to WWII, “Do the yellows — [the Chinese] — have the same human value as the whites?”

“What fundamental attitude…should the advancing wing of humanity take to fixed or definitely unprogressive ethnical groups? The earth is a closed and limited surface. To what extent should it tolerate, racially or nationally, areas of lesser activity? More generally still, how should we judge the efforts we lavish in all kinds of hospitals on saving what is so often no more than one of life’s rejects?…To what extent should not the development of the strong…take precedence over the preservation of the weak?”

“So far we have certainly allowed our race to develop at random, and we have given too little thought to the question of what medical and moral factors must replace the crude forces of natural selection should we suppress them. It is indispensable that a nobly human form of eugenics, on a standard worthy of our personalities, should be discovered and developed. Eugenics applied to individuals leads to eugenics applied to society.” These quotes have given rise to intense public debate.

I find these aspects of Teilhard’s writings particularly troubling, as I have previously mentioned a possible past life connection to the heretical Jesuit in my Holistic Healing for Heart Arrhythmias blog. I also wrote about it in Chapter 4 of my Let Magic Happen book where the epigraphs for all the chapters are quotes from his books. In this lifetime, I have no connection to the Catholic church, but in 2020 I did spontaneously start praying the rosary, his favorite devotional practice to the Blessed Mother.

It is strangely ironic that I have devoted the past few years during the pandemic to rebelling against the onslaught of the World Economic Forum’s transhumanism under the Bond villain-like leadership of Klaus Schwab. The trance of fear hypnotically induced through mass mind control as the foundation for the globalist agenda is the shadow side of Teilhard’s future vision: “How can we fail to see the machine as playing a constructive part in the creation of a truly collective consciousness?

The ultimate expression of this paradoxical relationship between humans and machines currently lies in the technocracy of Elon Musk, surely the most enigmatic player in this cyber-psychic drama. Techno-savior to some, Antichrist to others, his Starlink satellite communications network combined with AI make Teilhard’s The Future of Man seem like predictive programming with regard to “the manifestation of a kind of super-Brain, capable of attaining mastery over some super-sphere in the universe.”

We may indeed by converging toward the Omega Point or the Singularity or the 2nd Coming, but it seems like the planet may need to go through an impending near-death experience to get there. I will explore all these possibilities in my Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship Zoom talk on 9/7/23, Experiencing the Mystical Teachings of Teilhard de Chardin. On 9/16/23, Chris Bledsoe, NDEer and author of the UFO of God, will be sharing his message of healing and hope at the HART Center Festival in Mebane, NC.



Larry Burk, MD, CEHP

Holistic radiologist, Certified Energy Health Practitioner, author of Dreams that Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases