Tap Your Way to Abundance with EFT

Larry Burk, MD, CEHP
3 min readJun 24, 2021
Do you carry a Green Benjamin in your wallet?

The executive director of a non-profit sought me out for coaching assistance in dealing with chronic left shoulder pain of more than 3 months duration. She had heard me give a talk where I said that frozen shoulder could be related to repressed anger and thought that might be at the root of her pain. Her responsibility for raising several million dollars to fund an unexpected move to a new building felt like an overwhelming burden. The resentment was even coming out in anger dreams about internal conflicts on her board.

We did EFT tapping on her scarcity beliefs combined with a simple “Green Benjamin” exercise of carrying a $100 bill in her wallet as a reminder to focus on manifesting abundance. The next day she got a surprise phone call from a potential donor offering a $500,000 grant instead of the $50,000 she was hoping for followed shortly afterward by receiving a long shot government grant for another half million dollars. Her left shoulder pain improved after this fund-raising success and tapping the anger out of her body.

I learned the $100 bill process from the Cash Comfort Abundance Games in Carol Look’s Attracting Abundance with EFT e-book. The next step is to imagine increasing the number of bills in your wallet until you get out of your comfort zone and tap on the feelings that come up. Once you have cleared those barriers to the Law of Attraction imagine writing a check from your business account to your personal account beginning with $1,000 and adding more zeros until you discover and tap on your limiting beliefs.

Carol taught these approaches in a 2004 workshop where I had the privilege of being one of the volunteers for a live tapping demonstration. My motivation stemmed from an invitation I had accepted to do a large EFT workshop of my own for healthcare professionals, and I was concerned about being able to attract a sufficient audience. When I got up on stage with her and looked out to see hundreds of people tapping in unison along with us my fears where replaced by enthusiastic feelings of abundance.

She emphasized raising my emotional vibration level high enough to attract the positive outcome I was envisioning for the upcoming workshop. The organizers of the conference were worried about attendance, but after the session with Carol I told them I knew we would get more than 200 registrants. My abundant vision manifested using a customized tapping protocol, and we had 225 people for the full day workshop which was a great success. It was tangible evidence of the Law of Attraction principles in action.

In 2017 I met another EFT abundance coach, Margaret Lynch Raniere, at the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology annual meeting. Author of Tapping into Wealth, she was walking her talk by sponsoring a lunch for all 400 conference attendees. I went by her booth afterwards to thank her and found out she was leading a workshop that afternoon. I figured it would be on the Law of Attraction, but was unexpectedly surprised to find it was about tapping on the shadow emotional issues of the lower 4 chakras.

She was offering an Ignite Your Power certification program the next month which I immediately registered for. It was a deep exploration of releasing the blocks in the chakras which has had a big impact on my coaching approach for healing physical illnesses. Margaret points out in her 2021 book Unblocked that while we like to focus on the spiritual and intuitive aspects of the upper 3 chakras, most of the important healing work related to the childhood traumas that form our limiting beliefs is done in the lower 4 chakras.

In 2019 I completed Carol Look’s Yes Code coaching certification, so I now combine her approach with Margaret’s chakra system and my own dreamwork in coaching clients who have abundance and/or physical issues. My next workshop will be in person, Where the Healing Happens: Transforming Symptoms in the Lower 4 Chakras, on 4/19–21/2024 at the Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone, NC. Individual Let Magic Happen coaching sessions are also available.



Larry Burk, MD, CEHP

Holistic radiologist, Certified Energy Health Practitioner, author of Dreams that Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases