The Second President of the Apocalypse: A Jungian Perspective

In December 2019 I wrote a blog in archetypal terms describing why Donald Trump is the First President of the Apocalypse, although I make no claims at being a Jungian analyst. However, I think the past three plus years have proven that he is indeed a trickster, paradoxical, shadow and apocalyptic political figure. My conclusion at that time was that he was setting the stage for the emergence of a powerful woman president in the future.

My dark horse candidate for that role was Tulsi Gabbard whose claims to fame were having nominated Bernie Sanders at the prior Democratic National Convention and engaging in flaming Twitter wars with the Tweeter-in-Chief. However, her most recent accomplishment during the Democratic primaries was taking down Kamala Harris for her damaging record as a California prosecutor marking the effective end of her candidacy.

Harris has seen her political career resurrected as the vice presidential candidate, but we are still left with two old white men running for president who both have the baggage of creepy interactions with women. These issues become all the more problematic with the recent disclosures in the Ghislaine Maxwell files. That Bill Clinton features prominently in the Epstein flight logs makes his choice as a featured DNC speaker seem all the more bizarre.

Getting back to Carl Jung, a recent conversation with my brother about the amplified polarization of belief systems during the pandemic prompted me to consider a middle ground between the two extremes. As a Democrat for most of my life, I switched briefly to Republican over a decade ago and now identify as an Independent. The Portable Jung edited by Joseph Campbell has given me insight into the opposing parental complexes at play.

It seems that my Democratic friends have unresolved father issues and defer to scientific authority figures to protect us with vaccines and lockdowns. On the other hand, my Republican friends seem to have unresolved mother issues evidenced by destroying Mother Earth at every opportunity with 5G and petrochemicals. These generalizations are admittedly simplistic, but both sides have blind spots mostly related to glaring conflicts of interest.

5G is being pushed by politicians around the country with Democrat Richard Blumenthal being the only legislator to question the absence of safety studies. In North Carolina, Wilson was the only city that managed to establish its own municipal fiberoptic system before telecom lobbyists persuaded the Republican legislature to ban that option in favor of 5G. Harvard ethicists consider the FCC to be an agency that has been captured by the industry.

Unfortunately, the FDA, CDC and WHO are also captured agencies with ties to Big Pharma and the Gates Foundation. Democratic state legislatures around the country are passing bills removing religious and even medical exemptions from vaccines beginning with CA and NY. Childhood vaccine studies have serious flaws due to the lack of saline placebo controls, but fortunately the NIH has been forced to use them for COVID-19 vaccine trials.

In the midst of the lockdown I found two sources of mythic wisdom to maintain both sides in balance. I was initiated into the Mankind Project in 2015, and the group meetings keep my inner warrior on track. More recently I’ve been participating in men’s meetings sponsored by the Way of the Rose praying the rosary to connect with the ancient Goddess traditions of The Lady, whose Marian apparitions appear as warnings in times of global crisis.

As a teenager I remember reading two books that influenced my beliefs about the future and the past. The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsay provided a frightening interpretation of the Book of Revelation while missing the fact that apocalypse means “uncovering” rather than Armageddon. Profiles in Courage by JFK portrayed senators who made unpopular courageous choices for what they believed was right in the face of harsh criticism.

The only public figure who appears to embody that kind of courage to hold the tension between opposites for the highest good of all is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., whose Children’s Health Defense is willing to take on the opposing vested interests that are pushing both vaccines and 5G. Unfortunately he is not a woman and is not running for president, so our quest for a powerful and wise Goddess to lead us may have to wait another election cycle.



Holistic radiologist, Certified Energy Health Practitioner, author of Dreams that Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases

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Larry Burk, MD, CEHP

Holistic radiologist, Certified Energy Health Practitioner, author of Dreams that Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases