Legal Strategies to Block the Rollout of 5G

Larry Burk, MD, CEHP
3 min readJan 23, 2021
Warning Sign on 5G Antenna Transmitter Tower

In my previous 5G blogs I highlighted major issues regarding the scientific evidence of health hazards, industry influence on captured agencies like the FCC, and the inability of the telecom companies to get insurance for their wireless installations; Stay Healthy in a 5G World: Heal Your House, Heal Your Body and Thank You for Cell Phoning: 5G is Safe … or Not? Citizens around the world have concluded that 5G is not safe and are taking action at the city, state and country levels.

In the United States, a landmark 5G lawsuit brought against the FCC by the Environmental Health Trust and Children’s Health Defense will be heard by the U.S. Courts of Appeals of the DC Circuit beginning on 1/25/2021 and broadcast on YouTube. 11,000 pages of evidence have been submitted showing that claims of wireless technology being harmless are false and in violation of the Administrative Procedures Act, the National Environmental Policy Act and the Telecommunications Act.

In New Hampshire, the state legislature issued a 390 page Final Report on Commission to Study the Environmental and Health Effects of Evolving 5G Technology on 11/1/2020 summarizing its findings that safety assurances for 5G have “come into question because of the thousands of peer-reviewed studies documenting deleterious health effects associated with cellphone radiation exposure.” Their recommendations are “to protect people, wildlife, and the environment from harmful levels of radiation.”

Local municipalities often feel that their hands are tied by the FCC with regard to 5G towers, but that is not accurate. Even if a master license has been granted there are still many zoning and permit requirements that can be used to block the installations. Successful legal strategies for 5G are highlighted in this Ask the Lawyers executive summary featuring Andrew Campanelli. He offers municipal ordinance reviews at an affordable price to let city councils know what is within their power to do in terms of actions.

There are 3 cities in the past decade that used a very proactive approach to take the control of their municipal fiberoptic broadband networks away from the telecom companies; Chattanooga, TN, Longmont, CO, and Wilson, NC. Other cities are now following suit as this action provides major economic benefits. Unfortunately, the industry responded in NC by aggressively lobbying the legislature to pass a law in 2011 banning any other cities in the state from owning their own networks.

Remember politician promises in the 1990s about the “Information Superhighway” with efficient fiberoptic service to everyone in the country including rural locations? This infrastructure program was funded by fees added to customers’ bills, but the telecom companies redirected billions into their energy inefficient wireless agenda to profit from selling our data instead. This Big Telecom Swindle prompted a successful 2020 lawsuit by the Irregulators giving states the chance to reclaim these funds.

Now is the time to take action against the wireless industry to block the rollout of 5G in our communities and demand direct fiberoptic access, so we can avoid the long term negative consequences to our health, the environment and the green economy. All these topics will be covered in the February 2021 online course, Staying Healthy in a 5G World: Heal Your Home, Heal Your Body. Sign up for 4 free 5G video classes and a link to the course.



Larry Burk, MD, CEHP

Holistic radiologist, Certified Energy Health Practitioner, author of Dreams that Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases